My dreams came true; I am so glad

There might be hundreds of stories about the benefits of logbook loan and my case might not be that much attractive. But I am sure that it will help you to decide about the various loan options. I am living in Scotland since last 1 year. First I decided to find the job and earn my livelihood, but later on I realized that I don’t have the potential to work under people. This thinking forced me to start my own business.

Starting a business is not an easy task, you must have strong communication skills for selling your product. Apart from his one should have enough money to start the business. In order to get investment, you need to; not only understand where to get money, but how to persuasively make a case for your business idea. I want to be an entrepreneur and every time I feel that I can handle that easily. Handling a business needed proper management skills but in my case investment was the major problem.

I tried to contact many friends of mine but I could manage to have a small amount of my own; which was not even enough to finish the legal formalities. Although I had some saved amount as well, but those were to be used to purchase the fixed assets. Well I successfully finished the registration and started working on the purchase of assets. When I bought the place/ flat for the office I got in trouble as I didn’t realize that I am finished with all the saving and no one was there who can lend me money. I had no other option but to get the loan and in that time approach the logbook loan.

My business was at pace and I didn’t want to stop this as of the financial issues. I was doing the human resource recruitment; which involved the labor and the housemaids. For that I needed to have the advertisement policy and some sale staff as well; so that they can generate business for us. For few months I was handling it independently but later on it got on my nerves.  I need to hire the staff but the major problem was to pay their monthly salaries and for that it was must to have ample money. I decided to take loan so that I can meet my operational expenses.

I placed the advertisement and hired 2 people, meanwhile I started looking for the loan options. I checked with couple of banks; but the results were not favorable. Then one old friend of mine recommended me to check logbook loan as they provide very convenient loan and it proved to be right. has helped me a lot for the expansion of my business. It has proven to be lucky for me as after the first month I got the huge business and I started paying the payments easily. I reserved the logbook repayment money in my account and without any hassle I retuned the loan amount. Thank you logbook loan for expansion of my business.